Last updated: March 2024

Why I have this:

  • to mess around with web dev stuff
  • to mess around with self-hosting
  • to be a part of the indie web community (RIP yesterweb ring)
  • If you are seeking an IT or software engineering professional please hit my line at your earliest covenance!!!

About Me

  • mynameisjeff™
  • Physically I'm in my early 20s but mentally I'm 6̷̪̳͚̲̞̭̂̏͋͐̚͝6̸̫͖͚̳͍̽̚6̶̥͉̯̺̗̰̏͠ͅ
  • Likes:
    • Music from 30000 B.C. – present day
    • Technology from the late 90s – early 2000s
    • Freaks and Geeks (the show) because I am both
    • uhhhhhh ravioli
  • Oh by the way I'm in a band 🤘😼🤘


P.S. It will continue playing if you switch tabs

You're listening to this music for free through Youtube, and some of these artists are my dear friends, so please consider supporting them by going to their shows or buying merch!

band photo

Photo by @waste.of.shotz

me playing guitar

Me at Neon Jungle on Mar 1st 2024. Photo by @waste.of.shotz

None of my shit works

I tried to set up SearXNG on this server using both the install script and docker image. Both times it failed for reasons I honestly don't know, so I give up. I think these FOSS developers need to start treating their users like normal people rather than people who know how to install Pokemon Go on an oscilloscope. I'm too stupid for this shit! Yeah I am learning stuff but I want to set my hair on fire every time an install script doesn't do what it's supposed to, which is install my fucking software. On the bright side, I did get Pi-hole to work (it was actually really easy and I recommend it to anyone) because my parents don't know that adblockers exist, but I do have to figure out a better way to block facebook whenever my dad starts doomscrolling on his iPad like a 10 year old on TikTok.

Also, this has kind of turned into a tech blog. I know you probably don't care (if you do, you're a nerd.) Whenever I'm on my computer doing really computery shit I realize that my website needs some love. By the way I just got an IT job so maybe once I start doing that I'll be sick of doing all this in my free time, and maybe get a real hobby like going to the gym!

Feb 29, 2024

Facebook brain

Why do my parents care so much about random facebook boomers' opinions on *insert politicized issue here*? Maybe they think they can telepathically change their minds if they get emotional enough? Unless you're going out and talking to people you're not making a "difference."

Feb 1, 2024

Aw hell yeah – Jan 25, 2024

dimmer band logo

Sticker design for my band – Dec 16, 2023

a few months ago


julie at ukie club, Nov 1st, 2023 *click for video!*

Tech stuff (TLDR: a bunch of nerd shit) and a personal update

Damn I really just spent all day working on my new server. Was it worth it? Yes. And $4.20 a month really isn't bad especially since a neocities supporter account would have been $5 a month and I would have to put up with neocities being unreliable. I've heard a few stories about people's sites just vanishing? Btw I have a debian virtual machine hosted by Vultr, Njalla for domain name registration, and I use nginx for the web server.

Now that I'm back up in this bish I kind of miss the yesterweb ring and might even try to start my own webring and bring back that sense of community I've been lacking on the indie web these past few months. I also plan on setting up an email server on my VPS so I can allow people to email me from here (no wayyayyy am I putting my personal email on the public web, no offense.)

And now to get more personal, since this is a personal blog after all. The past few days I feel like I've actually started to become disciplined again. Maybe I was depressed or something, or maybe doomscrolling through instagram sucked all of my motivation (I deleted the app again.) But I need to be more mindful of the fact that I'm not going to get anywhere in life if I waste all my time staring at social media or just off into space. Yeah that shit's easy and takes no energy, but it's not fulfilling. I know I'm just stating the obvious here, but sometimes I have to remind myself of the obvious to kick myself back into gear. I have loosely-defined goals in mind and any day I get closer to those goals is a good day.

One of those goals is to post more personal things on here as sort of a creative and emotional outlet. I'm really inspired by other people with little pure html websites like this one who just pour their hearts out into their blogs. They're honestly really fun to read too. It's interesting to learn about other peoples' lives without knowing them or having a conversation with them, and that's probably because a lot of you edgy neocities kids are a lot like me.

Nov 28, 2023

I followed this guide so I now have my own server and domain! If you're reading this and I get a minecraft server up and running you're free to join.

Nov 28, 2023

I have the coov again. Luckily no symptoms but I had to miss seeing waveform* last night and band practice today. it's whatever because being stuck in my room is a nice change of pace from being distracted by everything in the outisde world

Oct 8, 2023

I updated the songs in the music player, among other things. Since I deleted Snapchat this is going to be my only form of social media from now on.

Also I gotta work on mobile usability.

Jun 1, 2023

Happy new year! My new years' resolution is to update this more often.

Jan 2, 2023

Coming back to this after a few months because I want this to be more like a personal blog. I also removed the guestbook section off of the main page and the only way to get to it is through the link at the top. Go say hi!

I also need to move the music player code onto a separate file (right now it's just inline script which, as a computer science student, is kind of embarrassing). For now, if you want to put the same thing on your own site, I don't care. I'll link it when I make it a separate file anyway.

Anyway I hope everyone had a good spooky season, I will be coming back to this more often so stay updated and give me a follow on neocities if you want. Peace

Nov 15, 2022

Shrines coming soon???